Travel the world and see all the beautiful places with my own eyes. As far as I know this has always been a dream of mine, passed on by my parents. Going around through Europe with a tent or a camper during my childhood. They dragged me and my sisters along to museums, churches and nature walks. Something I was not really keen on doing till the age of 12. Interests grow and so did mine. Europe trips turned into flights to The United States and South Africa: exploring different continents and cultures grew into a passion. Now I’m going around as much as I can, continuing the adventures around the world.

I’m Céline Boute, 25 years old. With a Bachelor of Journalism in my pocket I work as a Freelance journalist for different magazines and I’m developing my video skills. I talk a lot about what happens in the world and I’m always curious what people around me think or feel. Keeping my eyes and ears open wherever I go. Writing has been my passion, but photographs complete the story. Taking shots with my Nikon of amazing places, but most of all of you: the people I meet in my life. That’s the content of this blog: adventures and amazements I come across during traveling along with your story. Read all about it! I have always wanted to make people rethink their opinion about things they think they know already. And in my opinion it’s best by doing that with a mix of personal stories through your eyes and mine. This way I want to try and make the world a better place. Lets start with the first one.

Logo is made by Denise Regina Tiam-Fook

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