Inspired by a visit of the MOCO Museum Amsterdam. With works of Keith Haring, Banksy and interactive rooms by STUDIO IRMA.

When I think of art, I think of a way to lose yourself from everyday life. We are always looking for something we need to do or to accomplish. But sometimes all someone really needs is a little escape from all of that. 2020 made it a little harder to get away. Theaters, museums, dance clubs and movie theaters were forced to close. Only to open again for small groups of people. A realization of how much art complements our lives. 

‘’Art is not supposed to change the world, to change practical things, but to change perceptions. Art can change the way we see the world’’


Are you ready to feel the music and dance or sing out your soul? To get lost in a room full of diamonds or to get out of our own little bubble only to walk into bubbly works of art. Imagine ourselves in a different world while watching a movie or get swept away through a story of a painting. Identify yourself through characters in a good book. While I am writing this, I thought of the bio I wrote for RUBEN STAM. One of the most creative dreamy minds I surrounded myself with. 

His Story
‘’In my work I often try to make the realistic a bit surrealistic. To mix up the dreams with our daily routines and surprise the viewer while they’re watching the content I made.’’ 
Ruben is a photographer/filmmaker. Struggling his way through high school he knew he needed to go in a different direction. Only to find out he loved making a stop motion during school and moved on to a college for animation and videography. That’s where his creativity came to life. 

‘’It all started with editing existing after movies. I would change the outline or use different music. Something to build a portfolio so I could go to the college for animation and videography. During my studies I would search on youtube for hours, that’s how I came across a few of my biggest inspirations: Taylorcutfilms, Tim Kellner and Sam Kolder. I love the way they combine music with images.’’ Ruben’s ideas mostly exist through music. When he hears something, it awakens a stream of stories. You could really say music feeds his creativity. ‘’Locations are a big source of inspiration as well. The video ‘Nothing but A Dream’ is based on a tiny garden in the city center of Utrecht. The incidence of light was beautiful to shoot at.’’  

An edited photograph of Ruben

‘’First of all, you always need to love your own work. In the end it’s your creativity, which is a vulnerable position while sharing it. You put in all this time and energy so of course, you hope others will like it as well. It should never be the first priority of making something.’’

Ruben’s goal is trying to make the viewer get carried away and dream a little while watching his work. ‘’Most of the time it’s a mixture of reality and fiction, so you’re still able to connect with the content. Besides that, I see some of my personality traits in there. This wasn’t something I was aware of at first, but I realized through one of the internships I did. The rage and feelings of failure playing a videogame in my short film CTRL-Z is something that could happen to me. Which makes sense if the content needs something to identify him- herself with.’’ 

His biggest short-term dream is to develop the idea of a short film he has been working on for a while now. ‘’The one thing I dream of right now is making a short film in collaboration with a small team. The performance is of higher value if I can execute this idea with a couple of others.’’  

His latest work 

Ruben’s short film (Black Mirror inspired)

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