‘Hey you, welcome!’

Years and years I had the idea to start a blog, but what in the world would I write about? One click and you’ll find thousands of different blogs. Friends and family told me to just do it about any passion. Easier said than done I thought to myself. People close to me know I am not the person who loves chatting about myself so I did not want to start a blog with stories and experiences of just me, myself and I. Thus why not switch it up a bit with your story? If I learned something over the last couple of years it’s that I love learning about different cultures and hearing stories of all the amazing people I meet on this planet. All of them are worth sharing. Portrets of you tell us more about the culture you grew up in which might inspire others to follow their dreams/ideas. 

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Right this moment I am typing this post from the suburb New Farm in Brisbane Australia. With a skinny cappuccino and Khalid’s new album I feel stoked typing this first post.

I look like your typical idea of a Dutch female with blond hair, blue eyes and about 1.72m tall I walk this earth. For the people out there who possibly don’t know: English is my second language. In The Netherlands we speak Dutch. I decided to write the content on this blog in English because of my international family and friends. As you understand it is a bit harder for me to write funny puns and sayings in English so if you have any good ones let me know! Trying to improve my international English slang is defo a must. Fair Dinkum!

Unexpected and difficult events formed me into the person I am today. Everyone walking this earth comes across challenges, some good some bad. It may sound a bit cheesy but throughout these challenges in my life I had to get up and find strength to get out of this down spiral I found myself in. Ever since then I try to live by: CARPE DIEM. The idea to seize the day (at least as much as you can) is what I try to spread with an energetic, enthusiastic and positive attitude towards the people around me. Friends and family would probably describe me as a weird (in a good way hopefully) and fun person, but also someone who listens. That is what I love doing the most: listen to your challenges, experiences and accomplishments in life. If I can offer someone the feeling they could come to me and share anything then I know it’s all good!

To my family and friends I just want to tell you how grateful I am to have all of you in my life. The support and love I get from each and everyone of you is what keeps me going and striving for what I want in life. To all the new amazing friends I made throughout my travels and living abroad I hope life brings us together again. Lets end this one with my favourite Aussie word as my time Down Unda is ending soon.. Hangloose babes!

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